The TWSTD Festival (“Event”) is a music/entertainment weekend at Butlins (Skegness) that includes accommodation at Butlins. The event is planned to take place on the last weekend in November. We have made arrangements for independent third party suppliers to provide all services and facilities in connection with the Event (including but not limited to, the venue, accommodation, event production and promoters of acts/DJ’s). We do not provide these arrangements ourselves but we rely upon third party suppliers to provide services and facilities in a proper and normally competent fashion. We do not own or control any of the suppliers that are providing the services for the Event and/or travel arrangements, all of which suppliers are independent contractors.

When you purchase a TWSTD Festival package you will receive standard room only accommodation and entrance to the Event. Subject to availability you have the option to upgrade to one of the VIP options available this includes the silver standard self-catering accommodation and access to VIP areas (these are all subject to capacity restrictions). Other optional extras like return coach travel from various UK locations, pre-bookable car parking, late check out on the day that you depart and additional nights’ stay can be added and all come with an additional charge.

The terms and conditions set out below explain our responsibilities and liabilities to you and your responsibilities. Section A makes you aware of the details regarding the entrance to the Event and section B is about the overall arrangements (“Arrangements”) that form part of your booking. “We”, “us” and “our” in the booking conditions means TWSTD Festival, which is a trading name of Thomas Cook Tour Operations Ltd.


A1. General

When we book your entrance to the Event, our responsibility is limited to arranging the services and facilities with the suppliers and independent contractors for delivering the TWSTD Festival. In exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel, postpone, reschedule, abandon or curtail the Event at short notice or even without notice. We make every effort to let you know when we have new information about TWSTD Festival – please check our website and the TWSTD Festival social media pages for the official line up and latest information on the Events and the acts, DJ’s, and celebrities that are planned to appear. The information we publish on our website or that we provide by our sales representatives is based on details that is given to us from our suppliers. It is accurate at the time of publishing but is subject to change. The non-appearance of act’s, DJ’s, celebrity’s or other changes to the Event are outside our control and outside our contractual responsibility and so we cannot accept any responsibility for them.

The venues on site are subject to capacity restrictions which means that we cannot guarantee entry into a particular venue to see an artist if this venue reaches its capacity. If a venue does reach its capacity then the security teams on site will have to deny you access to the venue.

We cannot accept any responsibility or give refunds or compensation or other sum for any changes in the Event or line up or cancellation of any advertised or confirmed acts, DJ’s or entertainment or that you may not have been able to gain access to a particular venue when it reached its capacity by being full, which may have been your main reason for making your booking. We will always do our best to find a suitable alternative(s) and to arrange the line up in a way that allows you to see everyone that you want to but cannot promise this.

If we are able to change our services to coincide with the re-arrangement of the Event we will inform you of the changes and any addition or reduction in costs that may apply.

A2. Venue Admission and Facilities

The lead name must complete a registration document providing full names and addresses for all people on their booking who are on site, plus provide a printed copy of their confirmation invoice. All persons on the booking must be able to show photo ID if and when requested by us or our suppliers (in the form of a valid driving license or passport) before entry to the Event is granted, when purchasing alcohol from the licensed bars/shops or before use of the facilities is permitted.

We reserve the right to refuse entrance to the Event and will not be liable for any payments or refunds if you book or purchase Arrangements other than through a TWSTD Festival authorized agent.

Your actions or behaviour or that of others in your party at the Event may result in you being denied entry to the  venues. We also reserve the right to refuse entry to you and other members of your party and prevent you from booking and attending future events with us as a result of such actions or behaviour

We accept no liability whatsoever for either the quality of any Event or venue facilities, or for any injury sustained in the stadium/venue or in the vicinity of the stadium/venue or during the Event (except where such injury is caused by our negligence).

By booking with us you will also be bound by our Conditions of Access that apply to your booking and can be found on our website. These conditions let you know what can and cannot be taken to the Event and into the site/venue. We reserve the right to confiscate restricted items and they will not be returned to the person found in possession of these items, also you then may be refused entry to the event or future events with us and no refunds will be given.

A3. Your Accommodation

Your sleeping accommodation will be made up of any combination of single, twin, double and sofa beds. Rooms will be allocated based on full occupancy. Sleeping space will be provided for all persons in your group but some persons may be required to share a double bed. For example a group of 4 may be allocated an apartment that sleeps 4. This apartment may contain 1 x twin and 1 x double bed.

We reserve the right to split bookings across more than one room. Where possible we will try and allocate any split bookings to rooms near each other and of a similar standard, but we cannot guarantee this. We will try to ensure split bookings will not be required to share accommodation with other bookings to complete a room, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Upon arrival at your accommodation it is your responsibility to ensure that you check your accommodation for any faults or damages. Any existing damages must be reported immediately to a member of TWSTD Festival team at Guest Services and an Incident Report form filled in and a reference number obtained. If you fail to report any damages upon arrival then you accept the responsibility for the state of the room and as such any subsequent charges that you will be liable for post event.

We do not set the price of damage charges should you incur any. These costs are passed onto us by our supplier of which we have no control over. These costs are available on the website and are subject to change.

A4. Bookings of Two People or Less

Where bookings consists of two people or less, you may be required to share accommodation with other people from a separate booking.

  • Those parties that do share will have their own separate bedroom within a shared apartment but please note that the doors to these bedrooms do not lock.
  • All shared rooms will be required to share bathroom facilities and communal living areas if they have chosen to upgrade their accommodation.
  • Where possible we will try to allocate rooms on single sex basis but due to logistics this is not always possible.
  • Shared rooms will be jointly responsible and liable for the shared areas. The booking party is responsible for any damages to their accommodation or to the site.

A5. Photography and Filming of TWSTD Festival

Sometimes we or third party suppliers will carry out filming or take photographs of the TWSTD Festival for publicity and/or documentary and promotional film purposes.  The film footage and/or photographs taken may be shown publicly (e.g. on television, in brochures, on the internet, or for live streaming). By attending the TWSTD Festival you accept that your image may appear in photographs or film footage and you give your consent to being filmed/photographed.  All rights in any such images will belong to Thomas Cook and any companies licensed by us to carry out filming or take photographs on our behalf.


B1. Booking and Payment Terms

A contract will exist between you and Thomas Cook Tour Operations Ltd (trading as TWSTD Festival) when you complete a TWSTD Festival booking with a sales representative, or through one of our authorised on-line booking agents or you complete a booking over the phone with us. We will then issue a confirmation invoice to confirm your booking details.

The person who completes the booking is the ‘lead name’. He or she must be a minimum age of 18 and is responsible for payment of the total booking price,  any subsequent charges that may be payable (such as amendment and/or cancellation fees) and for all members of their party that travel with them to attend the Event. Any changes made to the booking must be instructed by the lead name, with the exception of any optional extras that are requested to be added to the booking, these can be added by any named person on the booking subject to full payment of the optional extras being made at the time of adding them.

We do accept payment(s) from another member of the party or a third party unconnected with the booking, such as a family member or friend, but the lead name at all times is responsible for all payments (and where applicable any refunds made by us) in connection with the booking. He/she also agrees to provide accurate  information to the remainder of the travelling party in relation to the booking (including any changes) and also confirms that all the other members of the party, including any who may be added at a later date, agree to be bound by these conditions and all other information on our website. The minimum age for entry to TWSTD Festival Event is 17 years. Anyone aged 17 must be accompanied by an adult of 18 years old or older on the same booking. Where a booking has 17 year olds on it, then a lead name that is 18 years of age must be on the booking and attend the event. If at any point the 18 year old chooses not to attend and a suitable replacement that is 18 years of age or older can’t be found then the booking will become void and the rest of the group will be prevented from attending. We will issue no refunds in these circumstances.

The deposit for your TWSTD Festival Arrangements is non-refundable, and is payable immediately when booking unless your booking is made after the balance due date for your Event, in which case the total cost of the booking must be paid in full at the time of making the booking.

The full balance of your booking must be paid in full on or before your balance due date, this date can be found on your confirmation invoice.

We can accept payments from or on behalf of each named person on the booking, but each payment must be at least equal to the balance payable for a named person and the person making payment must identify which named person the payment is for. If the balance payment is not received for any person on the booking by the balance due date, those people may be cancelled from the booking without notice and will forfeit the deposit(s) paid.

In the circumstance where the lead name has not paid off their balance by the balance due date but other persons named on the booking have, then we reserve the right to cancel the booking and transfer those that have paid off their balance onto a new booking providing a suitable new lead name be nominated.

Please note that where this occurs, the people on the new booking may be required to share accommodation with other guests (in accordance with clause A4).

If a new suitable lead name cannot be found then we reserve the right to cancel the booking entirely and normal cancellation charges will apply.


Please note that, if you are not normally a resident within the UK, you should not book with us and we will have to cancel your booking, in which case you will not receive a refund of any monies that have been paid to us.

In relation to any pre-bookable optional extras, unless stated otherwise, these can be added to the booking at any stage by any of the indviduals on the bookng and are subject to availability. These optional extras must be paid for in full at the time of booking and are non-refundable at any stage. All optional extras are subject to individual additional conditions (for example, room upgrades and late check out must be booked by all members of the party) These additional booking conditions can be found on TWSTD Festival website.

B2. Method of Payment

When booking directly with us all payments are processed by our agent Thomas Cook Retail Ltd. If you make a booking and pay your deposit overseas, the sterling deposit amount can be paid either in sterling cash, in local currency (based on a current company exchange rate advised at the time of booking) or by Credit/Debit card.  If you pay by Credit/Card, your card issuer may charge an overseas transaction fee. If you make a booking in the UK through the hotline then all payments must be processed by card.

Card payments: Thomas Cook Retail Ltd accept card payment by most major credit and debit cards. Please check if we accept the card that you use with us at the time of booking. Balance payments for TWSTD Festival cannot be made by cash, cheque or accepted in any Thomas Cook or The Co-operative Travel Stores.

B3. How We Will Contact You After Your Booking Is Confirmed

We will use the email address you provide to communicate with you regarding your booking once it has been confirmed, therefore please check your emails regularly.  We may also communicate with you by phone/SMS if you have provided your mobile number, or by post (if, for example, we have difficulty contacting you by email/phone). If you have given us marketing consent we may contact you regarding future events and other Thomas Cook travel products and services.

B4. Financial Protection
Payments made by you for your Arrangements would be protected by the bond we hold with The Travel Association (ABTA), and would be refunded in the unlikely event of our insolvency. The financial protection arrangements cover all monies paid to TWSTD Festival for your Arrangements. Our ABTA membership number is V6896.

B5. Price Changes Before Booking

All prices are subject to change, and may go up or down. You will be advised of the current price when you contact us or our representatives to make your booking. If you book through a third party booking agent then you may be subject to a booking fee. The overseas price is only valid when booking in one of our overseas destinations. We may run promotional discounts/offers during the sales period however these are subject to availability and subject to change.

B6. Significant Changes and/or Cancellation By Us, Before The Start Of Your Arrangements

From time to time we may have to change details of the Arrangements you have booked, particularly if we or our suppliers change the timing of events. If any change will have a significant effect on your Arrangements, we will tell you about it before you are due to attend any Event, if there is time. Changes we will tell you about may include:

  • The Event for which you have a ticket is cancelled; or
  • A change of location (other than within a city) for the Event for which you have a ticket; or

If you do not want to accept a significant change, which we will tell you about, we will, if we are able to do so, offer you an alternative arrangement of equivalent or closely similar standard and price at no extra cost, or a less expensive arrangement, in this case we will refund the difference in price. If you do not wish to take the alternative we offer you, you can choose a different arrangement offered for sale by us and pay, or receive a refund of, any price difference. If you prefer, you can cancel and receive a refund. Unless the change is as a result of circumstances listed in the paragraph below, we will pay you compensation. If you have not accepted the change but have accepted an alternative, the compensation we will pay you will be nominal and will be to compensate you for the inconvenience of having to make alternative arrangements but otherwise we will have no liability to pay you compensation. If you have accepted the change, again, the compensation will be nominal. If you have not accepted the change and have accepted a refund, the compensation will be a nominal sum designed to compensate you for your inconvenience of arranging for the refund and making any alternative arrangements you subsequently make but otherwise we will have no liability to pay you compensation.Except where we say differently elsewhere in these conditions, we cannot pay any compensation, reimburse expenses, or cover losses for any amount or otherwise accept responsibility if, as a result of circumstances beyond our control, we have to change the Arrangements you have booked with us, or we, or our suppliers, cannot supply your Arrangements, as we, or they, had agreed, or you suffer any loss or damage of any description. When we refer to circumstances beyond our control, we mean any situation that we, or the supplier in question, could not foresee or avoid, even after taking all reasonable care. Circumstances beyond our control will also usually include, but are not limited to, war, terrorist activity, civil unrest, industrial dispute, vandalism, bad weather (actual or threatened) and significant building work ongoing outside of your accommodation, which is not known to us in advance of the start of your Arrangements.

B7. Minor Changes Before The Start Of Your Arrangements

Any change which is not deemed to be significant, as outlined in section B6. above, will be classed as a minor change. We will try to let you about a minor change before you travel but we will not pay compensation as a result of this change.

B8. Our Liability to You

(i) Our obligations, and those of our suppliers providing any service or facility involved in your Arrangements, are to take reasonable skill and care to arrange for the provision of such services and facilities and, where we or our supplier is actually providing the service or facility, to provide them with reasonable skill and care. Compliance with any applicable regulatory requirements will be proper performance of our and our suppliers’ obligations. You must show that reasonable skill and care has not been used if you wish to make any claim.

(ii) For claims which do not involve death or personal injury, we accept liability, subject to paragraph (i) above and (v) below, should any part of your Arrangements not be as described on our website or elsewhere by us.   If we are found to be at fault in connection with our contractual obligations, our maximum liability to you is limited to twice the cost of your confirmed booking. This maximum will only be payable when every aspect of your Arrangements has gone wrong and you have not received any benefit from your Arrangements.

(iii) For claims which involve death or personal injury as a result of an activity forming part of your Arrangements, we have liability subject to paragraph (i) above and (v) below. If we have liability, we will, subject to paragraphs (vi) and (vii), pay you reasonable compensation.

(iv) We accept liability in accordance with paragraphs (i), (ii) and (iii) above and subject to paragraphs (vi) and (vii) except where the cause of the failure in your Arrangements or any death or personal injury you may suffer is not due to any fault on our part or that of our servants, agents or suppliers, and is either attributable to you, or attributable to someone unconnected with the Arrangements and is unforeseeable or unavoidable, or due to unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised, or an event which neither we, nor our servants, agents or suppliers could have foreseen or forestalled.

(v) You are obliged to assist us in recovering from any third party any sum which may compensate us for any sums we pay you. In particular, you are obliged to assign to us any rights that you may have against any other person whose acts or omissions have caused or contributed to our legal liability to pay you compensation. You must also provide us with all assistance we may reasonably require. Finally, you must follow the procedures for the notification of complaints set out in clause B18 below entitled “Complaints”.

(vi) Should you become ill while on your Arrangements, you must, in addition to reporting your illness to the accommodation provider, consult a doctor. Should you then wish to make a claim against us as a result of that illness, you must provide us with details of both the doctor whom you saw, together with written authority for us to obtain a medical report from both those doctors.

(vii) If you or any member of your party suffers illness, injury or death, through misadventure, as a result of any activity which does not form part of your Arrangements, we will provide you with all reasonable assistance. This assistance may include our making a contribution towards your initial legal costs in taking action against the person(s) responsible providing you request this within 90 days of the incident in question. All assistance (financial or otherwise) is subject to our reasonable discretion and a maximum total cost to us of £5,000 per booking. If you are entitled to have any costs and expenses arising from such an incident met by or from any insurance policy or if you obtain a costs order against anyone in relation to the incident, you must repay to us the costs and expenses we spend in assisting you.

(viii) Other than as set out above, and as is detailed elsewhere in these booking conditions, we shall have no legal liability whatsoever to you for any loss, damage, personal injury or death which you suffer arising directly or indirectly from any aspect of your Arrangements.

B9. Insurance

For your own piece of mind we strongly recommend that you arrange appropriate travel insurance cover for the Arrangements that you book with us should you need to cancel your arrangements due to circumstances beyond your control and not just from a change of mind. (Such as jury service, or a family bereavement).

B10. Changes You Wish To Make After Booking

If you want to make changes to your Arrangements, please contact us via the hotline number provided. The table below shows our amendment charges which apply and which are payable at the time a change is made. All charges are per person and subject to availability:


More than 70 days before the start of the TWSTD Festival weekend that you have booked


70-29 days before the start of TWSTD Festival weekend that you have booked


28 days or less before the start of the TWSTD Festival weekend that you have booked


Any Changes Made to a Booking* (Fees are per person per change).


£20 £30 £40

* Changes include but are not limited to a lead name change, change to a booked extra or transferring people from one booking to another. Name changes for people other than the lead name will not be charged.

Note: You are not allowed to change all the names on any booking and at least one person (over 18) from the original booking must remain, unless you are prevented from attending for reasons beyond your control and not simply from a change of mind.

B11. Cancellation By You

We really want you to attend, however if you do have to cancel your Arrangements, please contact us via the hotline number provided. The table below shows our normal cancellation charges which apply. All charges are per person.

More than 70 days before start of the Event that you have booked


70 days or less before the start of the Event that you have booked


Cancellation of Arrangements


Loss of deposit 100% cancellation charge of the full booking cost once the balance has been paid in full*.
Cancellation of Pre-Bookable Extras** 100% cost of extra 100% cost of extra

* Please note that if the balance has not been paid by the balance due date then only loss of deposit will apply.

**Pre-bookable extras include (but are not limited to), coach transfers, extra night, VIP upgrades, room upgrades, Late check-out.

B12. Suppliers’ Conditions

Our third party suppliers have their own booking conditions, and you will be bound by these, so far as the relevant supplier is concerned. Our suppliers’ conditions will also apply to your contract with us, and in the event of any conflict between the suppliers’ conditions and our conditions, the suppliers’ conditions will prevail, save to the extent that any term in the suppliers’ conditions is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, in which event our conditions will prevail. Some of our suppliers’ conditions may limit or exclude liability on the part of the relevant supplier, and, by virtue of their application to your contract with us, may also limit or exclude our liability to you, and they are often subject to international conventions. Where relevant, copies of such conditions may be available for inspection at the office of the relevant supplier. A full list of our suppliers is available on request.

B13. Special Requests & Assistance

If you need special assistance you must speak to us before making your booking so that we can liaise with our suppliers over the extent of arrangements which will be feasible and available for you at the venue. If you fail to tell us about any special assistance which you need, we will not have any responsibility to you for your consequential failure to be able to enjoy or participate in the Event and Arrangements that you have booked.

If you have a special request then please contact us via the hotline where we will give you instructions on how to complete a special request application. Your request will not be confirmed until you receive written confirmation back from us that it has been processed.

B14. Information Accuracy

Descriptions of accommodation, facilities and services we provide are based on information obtained from our suppliers. The most up to date information and descriptions can be found on our website. Sometimes the facilities described will be withdrawn for reasons such as maintenance, bad weather or lack of demand from guests. Where our suppliers advise us about significant changes to descriptions or about the withdrawal of any significant facility, we will tell you as soon as possible or list this information on our website or TWSTD Festival social media pages.

Please note that there may be an additional charge for some facilities. There is also a possibility that you will be disturbed by noise from less considerate groups, so please bear this in mind.

TWSTD Festival is not liable for incorrect information provided to customers who contact our suppliers directly.

B15. Travel Timings

If you wish to book optional coach transfers to the Event these are subject to additional cost and availability. Please note that this service is an optional extra and does not automatically form part of your arrangements with us. Passengers wishing to book this service must do so by the specified cut-off date on the website. We accept no responsibility for additional travel costs incurred should you be unable to book this service with us and will not refund any amount beyond the normal cancellation fees should you wish to cancel your Arrangements as a result.

Coaches will be organised from various UK locations, please see the website for the most up to date list of locations available. All means of transportation are subject to possible delays or slow running because of, for example, numbers of travellers, road works, accidents, break downs, weather conditions, the need for constant maintenance and the ability of passengers to check in on time. There is no guarantee that transport will depart at the times stated on any itinerary which you receive.  All timings are estimates only. We do not have any liability to you for any delay, which may arise for reasons outside our control, or for any schedule alterations.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have checked the website for the most up to date departure times and location the day before you are due to depart and to then also ensure that you are at your correct pick up point on time for your departure. We accept no responsibility if you are late or not at the correct pick up point.

B16. Data Protection

By making a booking with us, you agree we may use and disclose the information you provide for the following purposes: to enable us to process your booking (which will include passing your information to third party suppliers, such as our accommodation provider and our technology partners to administer the services we provide); for our own market research and analysis purposes; for improving customer service; for the detection and prevention of fraud or other crime (which may include providing your information to organisations such as Banks and credit card companies, or the police); for compliance with legal requirements (which will include passing your information to public authorities) and for marketing contact by means of email, post, text message and/or telephone if you’ve agreed we can, or if we’re providing you with offers and information on similar products and services to those you have purchased (and you haven’t opted out of such marketing at the time of booking). Unless you tell us not to do so, we will share your contact details with our sister brand Club 18-30 and also other Thomas Cook UK companies (TCCT Retail Ltd, Thomas Cook Retail Ltd and Thomas Cook Money Ltd) for marketing purposes. We may need to collect information from you (or the people travelling with you), that is sensitive personal data because it relates to a medical condition or dietary requirement, and this may need to be passed to our service providers to provide any special requirements you have.

Telephone calls to us may be recorded for training and quality purposes and for preventing/detecting crime. If you have booked with us via our web site, or if you have chosen for us to contact you by e-mail, we will use the email address you have provided to send you your booking documentation. We are entitled to assume that the e-mail address you have provided is correct and that you understand and accept the risks associated with using this form of communication. Please note that you may still need to contact us by post or via our call centre as required by our booking conditions. If you wish to make a data subject access request for a copy of any personal data we hold on you, please write to: UK Legal Department, Thomas Cook Group UK Ltd, , Westpoint, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood,, Peterborough, PE2 6FZ, or send an e-mail to:

B17. Your Responsibility

We want all our customers to have an enjoyable experience. But you must remember that you are responsible for your actions and the affect they may have on others. If we (or another person in authority) believe your actions could upset other customers, our suppliers or our own staff, or put them in danger, your booking may be ended and this could mean we or our suppliers may either ask you to leave your booked accommodation, or prevent you attending the Event.

We, and/or our suppliers, will hold you and the members of your travelling party jointly and individually liable for any damage to the accommodation, furniture, apparatus or other materials located within the accommodation or around site, together with any legal costs we, and/or our suppliers incurs in pursuing a claim. It is your duty to report any breakages, defects or damage to an appropriate person as stated in clause A3 immediately. We cannot accept liability for the behaviour of others in your accommodation.

You also have a duty to act responsibly at the Event. Our representatives or venue officials or security officers may refuse you entry or evict you from the venue or site if you are or are suspected to be intoxicated, abusive, under the influence of drugs, or your actions/behaviour are felt to be inappropriate or in breach of the venue’s rules. In this event, we cannot become involved in any dispute and you may also be prevented from accessing some of the venues, using the facilities, using any transport services or have additional conditions of carriage imposed on you. If this happens, we will not pay compensation, make any refund, reimburse any expenses you suffer as a result or otherwise have any liability to you.

B18. Complaints

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of your Arrangements please let us know as soon as possible:

  • If your complaint is about your initial booking made in resort then please contact the representative that you booked with before leaving resort.
  • If your complaint is about your booking that you made over the phone or about your invoice then please contact the hotline.
  • If your complaint is about something that has occurred when you are at the Event then you must contact a member of TWSTD Festival team at Guest Services where you must obtain an Incident Report Form and reference number that logs your complaint.

In all cases, we will do everything reasonably possible to sort the problem out. If you are still not satisfied then please write to our offices in the UK within 28 days of making your booking (if you have a complaint about the booking of your Arrangements) or within 28 days of returning home from the Event that you attended (if you have a complaint relating to the Event itself).

If you have special circumstances which prevent you from writing to us then, where possible, we will accept details of your complaint over the telephone.

The address to send complaints to is:

Customer Relations Department

TWSTD Festival

Thomas Cook Ltd


Peterborough Business Park

Lynch Wood





If you do not follow the above procedures and do not complain within 28 days of making your booking or after the Event that you attended, this may reduce or extinguish any rights you have to claim compensation from us, or from any relevant supplier. Any such rights will be reduced or extinguished if, had you followed the above procedures, you or we could have taken steps to reduce any loss or damage suffered or entirely prevented it from being suffered.

It is difficult and sometimes impossible to properly investigate a complaint if we are not told about it as soon as your trip is over. Your right to claim compensation may also be reduced or extinguished, should any delay in your complaint being notified during or after your trip, prevent us from carrying out a proper investigation.

We are a Member of ABTA, membership number V6896. We are obliged to maintain a high standard of service to you by ABTA’s Code of Conduct. We can also offer you ABTA’s scheme for the resolution of disputes which is approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. If we can’t resolve your complaint, go to to use ABTA’s simple procedure. Further information on the Code and ABTA’s assistance in resolving disputes can be found on

B19.  Law and Jurisdiction
For all bookings your contract will be governed by English law and any disputes will be dealt with in the courts of England and Wales. If you live in Northern Ireland or Scotland, the courts of Northern Ireland or Scotland (as appropriate) can deal with any disputes.


Thomas Cook Tour Operations Ltd. Registered office: Westpoint, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6FZ. Registered in England no. 3772199.



Jabberwocky Competition – Prize Draw Terms and Conditions

The Prize Draw

  1. By entering this prize draw participants have a chance to win goodies on arrival in their accommodation at this year’s TWSTD Festival if they have already booked for 2018.


  1. The prize draw is open to all UK residents aged 18 years or over, except employees of Thomas Cook, their families, agents or any third party directly associated with administration of the prize draw.

How to enter

  1. The prize draw is free to enter and no purchase is necessary.
  2. All entries must be submitted verbally via the TWSTD hotline (01733 224877).
  3. To enter the prize draw all you need to do is quote the word “Jabberwocky” when you call up to pay off the balance on your TWSTD Festival ticket.
  4. The opening date for entries is 17:00 on 24th September 2018. The closing date of the prize draw is 19:00 on 28th September 2018. Entries received after this time will not be considered.
  5. A winner will be chosen by random draw performed by an independent person on 29th September 2018 (“Draw Date”).

The Prize

  1. The winners will receive a selection of complimentary food/drink items in their accommodation.
  2. We reserves the right to replace the prize with an alternative prize of equal or higher value if circumstances beyond our control makes it necessary to do so.
  3. The prize is not negotiable or transferable.

Winner announcement & claiming the prize

  1. The winner will be notified by email or telephone (using details provided at entry) on 29th September 2018. If a winner doesn’t respond to us within seven days of being notified, then the winner’s prize will be forfeited and we will be entitled to select another winner in accordance with the process described above.
  2. Our decision regarding any aspect of the prize draw is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into about it.

Data protection and publicity

  1. If you’re the winner of the prize draw, you agree that TWSTD Festival may use your name, image and town or county of residence to announce the winner of this prize draw and for any other reasonable and related promotional purposes in the media.


  1. Participants are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions upon entry. TWSTD Festival reserves the right to refuse entry, or refuse to award the prize to anyone in breach of these terms and conditions.
  2. Insofar as is permitted by law, TWSTD Festival, its agents or distributors will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate the winner or accept any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of taking up the prize except where it is caused by the negligence of TWSTD Festival, its agents or distributors or that of their employees. Your statutory rights are not affected.
  3. The prize draw will be governed by English law and entrants to the prize draw submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.
  4. This prize draw is operated by Thomas Cook Tour Operations Limited (trading as TWSTD Festival) of Westpoint, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6FZ.