There are plenty of events during the day at the festival to keep you occupied. There’s never a dull moment on-site.

Pool Party

Pool Party TWSTD Festival 2017

Middle of November. Cold. Raining. Snowing? Pah! Who cares, dig out your best beach wear, don that bikini, squeeze into your speedo’s and get ready to flaunt your stuff at our Saturday pool party.

The pool will be kitted out with a top of the range sound system and a DJ.

Conditions apply, click here for more.

Silent Disco

Just imagine a room full of people singing and dancing away to what appears to be complete silence!

As you enter you will be given a set of wireless headphones, pop them on and dance away as two DJs battle for your attention. Tune into the first Dj and if you don’t like what the DJ is playing then you can just flick a switch to change channels and tune in to the other DJ! From dance to rock to pop to old skool garage and more, these two DJ’s will be pulling out all of the stops to WIN your vote!

It’s great fun to take part in (and even funnier to watch as you can’t hear any of the music that they’re dancing too….but you can hear the singing!), so ‘Get Involved’ and head down to the Silent Disco on the Saturday of each weekend!

* Please note a refundable deposit is taken on the door for the head-phones which will be returned when you leave the room providing that you also return your head phones in the state that they were given to you in.

Bearded Bingo

Bingo….Beards……and more fun than you can possibly imagine with a set of balls!

Jack & Chase are back and ready for action! With plans already under way and plenty in store for this year already make sure that you get down to The Jelly Fish Lounge on Saturday Day for chances to WIN some great prizes. It’s FREE to join in and the perfect way to nurse that hang over!

Beer Pong

Beer Pong TWSTD Festival 2017

Get your squad together and join us at this years Beer Pong Championships.

Beer Pong will be held on the Saturday of each weekend so bring your team together and get ready to win big!