We want all our customers to have the best weekend ever, however we also want all our customers to be safe.

As stated in the Terms & Conditions of booking, you allow yourself and your belongings to be searched by our onsite security team.

Random searches will happen on entry to the site, venues or at any point deemed appropriate by a member of our security team.


  • No glass allowed. All alcohol that is brought to TWSTD Festival should be decanted into plastic containers before you arrive, for health & safety reasons.
  • There is a limit to the amount of alcohol that can be taken on site.  This limit is set at 1/2 a small crate (= 6 cans) or 1 bottle of wine or 0.5L bottle of spirit per person.  Any excess quantities will be confiscated and can be collected from the security office on departure from site.
  • Alcohol cannot be brought from your room into the venue, however alcohol is on sale at the event and can be purchased from the various bars on offer, or from the onsite shop. You must be over the age of 18 to purchase this. Challenge 25 is in place across the site; we will accept a passport or driving licence as a form of ID .
  • Alcohol will only be permitted into the event on first entry. You are not able to exit & re-enter with alcohol.


Anything that is deemed as potentially unsafe to yourself and those around you will be confiscated by the on-site security team and the items will not be returned.  Please do not bring anything with you that you do not want to lose.A list of items that are banned from site are listed below

    • Illegal substances, herbal & legal highs, nitrous oxide (otherwise known as laughing gas)
    • Any additional implements used to administrate any of the above substances
    • All gas canisters of any size
    • Aerosols over 250ml
    • Excessive amounts of alcohol – please refer back to our alcohol policy
    • Alcohol in the possession of under 18 year olds
    • Excessive amounts of cigarettes
    • Glass
    • Any item that could be reasonably considered for use as a weapon
    • Air horns & megaphones
    • Fireworks and flares
    • Candles
    • Chinese lanterns
    • Portable laser equipment and laser pens
    • Sound systems, speakers, amps, decks
    • Unauthorised professional film, video and audio equipment
    • Drones
    • Unofficial tabards and reflective jackets/arm bands
    • Disposable BBQ’s
    • Any goods for unauthorised trading
    • Any goods with unauthorised Big Reunion logos or branding
    • Any animals or pets, with the exception of guide dogs  (please get in touch before arrival so that we can discuss your needs)


If you are in breach of the Conditions of Access, you will have items confiscated.

Items which are banned will not be returnable and will be destroyed either on site or passed on to the local authorities and you could be prosecuted. However, if you do have items that can be returned, you will be issued a receipt.

In the occasion where you are issued a receipt, you will be able to collect your belongings before you exit the site.

More information will be given to you during the onsite arrival procedures.


  • You enter at your own risk. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in a fit state to enter the Pool Party.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry if we feel that you are intoxicated, being rowdy or disruptive.
  • We reserve the right to request that you do a breathalyser test before entering and if found to be over the legal limit for driving we may then refuse entry.
  • We reserve the right to ask you to leave to pool party at any point should our steward’s feel that your actions or behaviour warrant it.
  • Please note that alcoholic drinks of any kind are banned from the Pool Party venue.
  • Please note that you are not allowed to take glass, cans or bottles into the Pool Party venue.
  • Please note that props, inflatables, weapons and any additional items that we deem to be unsuitable are not allowed in the pool party venue.
  • Please note that only appropriate swimming costumes are allowed to be worn in the pool party venue.
  • Please ensure that you shower before entering the pool.
  • Please ensure that all fancy dress, face paint and makeup is removed before entering the pool.
  • Please note that standard pool rules such as no running or diving must be followed at all times. Please see the additional signs around the pool area for a full list of rules.
  • Know your limits and only use parts of the pool that are within your capability. If you find yourself in trouble or if you see someone else in trouble then please notify a steward immediately.