Access to the site outside of the above times will not be permitted. TWSTD Festival accepts no responsibility and will offer no refunds in the event that you are not on site in time for check in.


The lead name is the only person that can sign for the wristbands of the group.  They will need to make sure that they are super organised and have everything that they may need with them ready to check in.

  • This includes:
    • Photo ID – Valid passport or drivers licence.
    • Printed copy of the groups confirmation final invoice that shows a £0 balance outstanding and all of your booked extras on it.
    • A completed registration document – To make your check in as quick and smooth as possible please make sure that you check the website a couple of weeks prior to the event to print off and complete the registration document.  Please complete this form for all persons attending the event with you. This document is essential for check in purposes and is NOT for marketing.
  • All members of the group will be required to go into check in with the lead name to receive their bands.
  • All members of the group will also need to bring photo ID with them as they may need to show this at check in. In addition Butlins operates a ‘Challenge 25’ policy and you may be required to show ID at the bars on site.
  • If a member of the booking is arriving before the lead name then they will either have to wait for the lead name to arrive before they are able to check in or you can do a lead name change in advance but the relevant amendment fee will be applicable. Please take this into account when arranging travel plans.
  • All names filled in on the registration document must match those attending the event and that are listed on the confirmation invoice.
  • Please note that we reserve the right to change the check in process without notice and at any time to fit in with the needs of the event and logistics on site.
  • Please make sure you and everyone on your booking reads and agrees to the Conditions of Access.

Registration form:

Before arriving at Butlins, please make sure you have printed the registration form and filled the details in for all guests attending the event.

You can access the form on the link below.