How do I pay off my booking balance?
Give us a call on the TWSTD hotline on 01733224877 and we will take payment over the phone. You have up until the balance due date stated on your invoice to pay the outstanding balance off.

Can I pay in instalments?
Once you have paid your deposit you will not be able to pay in instalments, however each person on the booking can ring up separately to pay their own balance off. Any Extras must be paid for in full at the time of adding them.

Can I get my deposit back?
As per the terms and conditions all deposits are non-refundable.

What if I haven’t paid off yet?
We are no longer be able to guarantee your booking as tickets are subject to availability after your balance due date, however ring the hotline on 01733224877 and if tickets are still available you will be able to pay off the rest of your balance!

Does the lead name have to pay off the balance?
No, anyone can ring up and pay off the balance as long as they are the cardholder.


Can I change a passenger name on my booking?
Yes, there is a £40 admin fee to change the lead booking name but it’s free to change any of the other passengers on the booking.

Can I add additional passengers to my booking?
Yes, The lead name on the boking would first need to call us on the hotline and confirm the name of the additional passenger that is adding on. The lead can then pay the £45 deposit on their behalf, or the additional passenger can call up afterwards to make the payment.

How do I add extras on to my booking?
Give us a call on the hotline on 01733224877 and we will be happy to add on any extras to your booking. Anyone can add extras on to the booking and they must be paid for in full at the time of adding them. All extras are subject to availability. Check out the extras tab on the website for more info.

Can I combine 2 separate bookings?
Yes, it’s possible to move passengers from one booking to another. There is a £40 admin fee for each individual passenger that moves over to another booking and this must be paid at the time of the change.


What if I need to cancel my booking?
We’re sorry to hear you can’t make it. If you don’t pay off your outstanding balance by the balance due date stated on your invoice then your booking will simply be cancelled down automatically and no additional money will be taken.


What if I need to make a complaint?
If you’re unsure or unhappy about your booking, give us a call on our hotline and we will be happy to help. If you have a complaint to make then there is an official complaint web form that can be found under the contact us tab of the website.


I’ve booked on for the Pre Party but I can’t see it on my Invoice?

Don’t worry, you are still booked for an extra night of fun, it should appear as an “Extra” further down the invoice. If you still cannot find it, please do give us a call on 01733 224877.

I’ve booked onto one of the Banter Buses but on the invoice it says it picks me up on the Saturday?

Great to hear you have chosen to travel on our Banter Bus, don’t worry it will pick you up Friday morning from your allotted point, and will definitely be picking you back up on the Sunday.

I’ve booked my place at TWSTD but I haven’t had my invoice come through?

We are very much looking forward to seeing you at the festival. Please give our Hotline a call to re send the invoices you need – 01733 224877


Will we have to share accommodation with other guests?
If you are a party of 2 or less then you will be required to share with other guests. Your party will have their own room in the apartment with a shared bathroom (and a shared lounge/kitchen if you have upgraded your accommodation). Parties of 3 or more will not be required to share with other guests.

Can I bring Alcohol in?
Yes but there is a limit on how much. The limit is set at ½ a small crate (=6 cans) or 1 bottle of wine or 0.5L bottle of spirits per person, please be aware no glass is allowed. Check out the Conditions of Access page under the information tab on our website for more info.

Can I park at the venue?
Yes, Parking is available from £20 per vehicle and needs to be added on to your booking as an extra by calling the hotline.

Is there transport available?
Yes, we run a banter bus transport service from several UK locations which can be added on as an extra by calling the hotline. Check out the Extras tab on the website for more info. Please note that at this moment in time the Banter Bus is not available for the pre party on Thursday 22nd November. *NOW SOLD OUT*

Is there any Daytime Entertainment?

Yes! We have loads of stuff to do during Friday and Saturday daytime, from Beer Pong and Bingo to the Pool Party, Lovely Laura and The Chaps, there is a great deal to choose from! *there is no silent disco his year.