TWSTD Festival is committed to minimising the impact on the environment and with your help we can make a bigger difference.

Pre-departure Packs To save paper (and trees) we no longer print our pre-departure packs.  All the information that would have been included in these packs is now easily accessible on our website.  You just need a copy of your final invoice to check in at the event.

Invoices The majority of our invoices are sent by email to our customers rather than in paper form.  When changes are made to bookings this can generate several invoices which = lots of paper!  We ask our customers to help with this by only printing off their final invoice (after their balance and any extras have been added and paid in full) just the once and to bring it along with them to the event…less paper more trees!


Take one of the TWSTD Festival Coaches  Fewer cars on the road means less emissions.  By taking advantage of our coach service that picks up from most major cities across the UK you can help support this cause.  Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment but you can also sit back and relax knowing that you’ll get there on time and be ready to party.

Public Transport Save the hassle of driving and cut down on car emissions and arrive via the Train.  Skegness has its own train station only a short taxi or bus ride away from Butlins.  For more information see the trains section in How To Get There.

Car Share If you have friends going to the event then it makes sense to share a car.  Not only will you save money but you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too with fewer cars on the road.  To maximise, fill every seat available in the car, ensure that each person has a seat belt, limit your luggage and make sure the car is fully serviced and ready to go.

Recycling Don’t be a litter bug!  Recycling points and general waste facilities can be found throughout the site.  All we ask is that you dispose of all rubbish responsibly.

Energy Saving Turn off all electrical appliances, TV’s and lights when leaving your room and when they are not in use.

Heaters Make sure that you turn off your heaters when not in use or when leaving your room to head out in the evening.  If you’re feeling a little bit chilly then before cranking up the heating, try putting a jumper on or just cuddle up to your mates.

Toasters & Kettles  Having toast? Make it in the toaster rather than the grill and only boil the water that you need in the kettle rather than filling it to the top.  The money saved in a single year by doing this would power the street lights of the UK for more than six months! – Source Energy Savings Trust 2008.

Showers Save water and power by cutting down on your shower time.  Spending hours in the shower not only wastes water but also cuts into valuable dancing time!  Get clean then get out.  Or for a bit of fun why not save water and share a shower with a very close friend…..


TWSTD Festival is really proud to be working closely with Thomas Cook Children’s Charity and the Teenage Cancer Trust. All of the charity money raised throughout TWSTD Festival is then donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust in order for them to work on upcoming projects.


The Thomas Cook Children’s Charity is committed to making dreams come true for sick and disadvantaged children in the UK & Overseas. We have established ourselves as a corporate charity, where funds are raised by employees and customers of Thomas Cook UK & Ireland. The funds that we raise go to projects that support sick and disadvantaged children. The Charity focuses on supporting young people up to the age of 18. This includes:

• Children with disabilities

• Under privileged children

• Children with life-limited illnesses in hospices or hospitals.

For more information please visit


Teenage Cancer Trust aims to ensure that every young person with cancer receives the best possible care and professional support throughout their cancer journey. Thanks to the successful fundraising drive from staff and customers of TWSTD Festival and Club 18-30, the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity has been able to provide support two fantastic projects with the Teenage Cancer Trust:

Music Therapy Workshops: In March 2012, 234 teenagers descended on the Royal Albert Hall in London for nine days of music therapy workshops. During the workshops the teenagers, all of whom are living with cancer, learnt to play instruments and write songs. The Teenage Cancer Trust is committed to meeting the physical, emotional and social needs of teenagers affected by this disease and these workshops offer an unforgettable experience intended to rebuild self-confidence, reduce social isolation and create positive and lasting memories for participants.

Media Booth at University College London Hospitals: Comprising of a recording studio and the necessary software to create music, this state-of-the-art media booth enables patients and their siblings to express their emotions and create an informal atmosphere where they can socialise together. The booth is specifically designed to maintain normality in the everyday lives of the patients by allowing them to continue with typical teenage activities. So far, more that £120,000 has been Granted to the Teenage Cancer Trust.



It is illegal to take, buy or sell drugs and the dealing or use of illegal substances is not condoned by TWSTD Festival. If you are found to be in possession of any illegal substances then you will be evicted from the site, the police will be called and you may face prosecution. TWSTD Festival is a fun festival where we want our customers to have a good time, but we encourage them to do so without the use of illegal substances. However, if you do find yourself in a situation that you are unfamiliar with or if you have a friend that you are worried about then please ask a steward to direct you to our on-site medical team who will be able to help and support you. For more information on the use of drugs and its effects or if you are worried about a friend who may be effected visit

Please note: TWSTD Festival reserves the right to search all vehicles and persons entering the site. You may be asked to take part in a random car, bag or body search by one of the trained and licenced security team. Any substances that are confiscated will be turned over to the local authority and will not be returned to you.

All illegal substances, herbal highs and legal highs are not permitted on site. For a full list of what is banned from site please see the Conditions of Access page.


TWSTD Festival understands that you will want to have a good time at the event and may choose to take part in drinking alcohol throughout your stay. We encourage all event attendees that choose to drink alcohol to ensure that they are drinking responsibly. Over-indulgence in alcohol can have short term as well as long term health effects. Space out your drinks, keep hydrated with water and take care.

The government advises that people should not regularly drink more than the daily unit guidelines of 3-4 units of alcohol for men (equivalent to a pint and a half of 4% beer) and 2-3 units of alcohol for women (equivalent to a 175 ml glass of wine). ‘Regularly’ means drinking every day or most days of the week.

For more information visit


Your health and safety is important to us. Please ensure that you are acting responsibly when at the festival.

* Do not climb staging, barriers or take part in your own stunts. It only leads to injury and a ruined weekend.

* Tread carefully! In November it is likely to rain and people may spill drinks, so look out for slippery or wet floors and surfaces. If you see one then notify a member of the Butlins team straight away so that they can clean it up.

* Be careful when using any electrical appliances. If you find one that is faulty then do not use it and report it to one of the Butlins team immediately.

* Please familiarise yourself with any instructions in relation to appliances or emergency exits should you need to use them.

Remember: Use your common sense. If you see a situation that could be potentially hazardous to your health or to someone else then stay clear and report it immediately.


TWSTD Festival is all about having a great time, reuniting with existing friends and making new ones. Sadly there may be others that take advantage of this for the wrong reasons, so we ask that you stay safe and take care as you would on any regular night out.

* Don’t head back to your room on your own, make sure that you are with a friend from your group at all times.

* Carry photo ID with you – your driving licence or a photocopy of your passport will be fine.

* Make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged before you head out and that it is with you at all times.

* Never leave your drinks unattended.

* If you are separating from your group to go to a different arena ensure you have a meeting-up plan in place afterwards so they can ensure you are okay.

* Make sure that you keep a note of your room number and location.

* Learn the layout of the site so you know the best way back to your room without getting lost.

* Talk to our staff if you have any concerns, they are there to help.

* Keep valuables safe and out of sight.

* Move away from any anti-social behaviour and notify event security.

* If you see someone in the need of help please inform a member of security.